• Couldn’t have done this lot without Dominofix. I have used them now on several projects and have been really happy. Great alternative and better price then the Festool ones.

    Giles Hulm Carpentry – UK
  • I’ve used the connectors on several projects that need assembled in another location (usually across the nation) and they do a fantastic job. They are surprisingly durable and make a great knock down joint.


    dominofix review schaffer furniture
    Schaffer Furniture – USA
  • Trying out Dominofix this week. It’s working out pretty good. No glue or clamps necessary. It’s easy to use and makes good right joints. The customer service I received so far has been fantastic. So very happy. They are very strong and made of high grade plastic.


    Keith Reynolds Meubelmaker – The Netherlands
  • The Dominofix connectors for Festool Domino DF500 are fantastic build quality and far more durable than you think.

    Interior Developments, UK
  • Great Dominofix connectors for the Festool Domino 500!

    Traller Fabrik, Denmark
  • The Dominofix connectors for Festool Domino DF500 are absolutely fantastic, really easy to use and form a good strong joint!

    Mark Jump Joinery, UK
  • A connector for professionals who build it ready in the shop and need to transport it to site flatpack ready for assemble. The Dominofix connectors for Festool Domino 500 where stronger then expected. Accuracy is a must when using the Dominofix connectors!

    The Poplar Shop, USA
  • Wow, what a system the Dominofix connectors for Domino 500! Super tight joints and really strong connectors!

    RCC Joinery & Building Services, UK
  • I had a blast playing with the Dominofix connectors for Festool Domino DF500. Super simple to use. These are quite strong and really open up furniture makers to do simple knock down pieces. Better them traditional RTA connectors.


    Sherwood Woodcraft, USA

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Why Choose Dominofix


We have made everything to combine good materials, accuracy and best European production quality at the best and most competitive price.


Dominofix Tools & Accessories are known for its accuracy. High precision tools and accessories for high precision work.




Using Dominofix connectors is easy as 123. Just use the basic settings of the Festool Domino 500. Assemble and disassemble without glue.


Dominofix offers the very first connector for Festool Domino DF 500.

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